Professional Secure Shopping Carts for the Masses ! New and Improved Enhancements to EasyBasket
If you want to add a professional secure shopping cart to your web site read on. Try out the order below. Don't actually use your credit card, it's just an example. If you like what you see and want to add this simple functionality to your own Web sites, come back to this page and read on !

Wind Breakers 42.99
Tommy Hilfiger
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If you've taken the plunge and jumped into designing you own pages on the Internet, then EasyBasket may interest you. Creating HTML pages is easy, e-commerce enabling them is another matter. If you are ready to start professionally selling and advertising products over the Internet, you need to provide a professional mechanism for collecting orders, invoices and credit card information.

EasyBasket is an easy to implement, customizable, order entry & secure payment system for electronic commerce storefronts. EasyBasket compliments online catalogs for retail sales, manufacturer fulfillment, business to business ordering, and interoffice requisitioning

You can design and maintain your Internet Site anywhere in the world on any server. You can create great looking product pages for whatever it is you are trying to sell. When your customer is ready to purchase, use EasyBasket and you get the following...

A professional looking SECURE order form automatically generated by our servers. This order form maintains all items the web shopper currently selected to purchase from your site. If the shopper jumps back and continues to select additional items from your site, your EasyBasket shopping cart will reflect it. A running total is maintained and at any time, the shopper can finalize his/her order and give you their billing, shipping and credit card information. The shopper also has the option to simply request information rather then purchasing.
You are notified by email each time an order is received.
The shopper is send an Email Invoice/Receipt of their sale.
Sales and/or Inquiries are reported via the internet in a secure fashion.
Sales orders are obtained by connecting to our secure site and entering a valid password for your store. All you need is a standard internet connection and you can obtain your sales orders from anywhere in the world! Once authenticated, your can print and/or download your sales/inquiry information.
The ability to track where your sales/leads are coming from.
Your customers who purchase through our URL Shopping Baskets can save their account information for easier reference the next time they order from you.

EasyBasket is recommended for those who are already familiar with basic HTML page design. EasyBasket allows you to create or use pre-existing HTML item pages for products or services you sell. All you need to do is add an additional URL link from your page to your EasyBasket shopping cart for each of your products. You will instantly have the ability to provide your customers a secure and easy method of purchasing from you. Coupled with products like Microsoft’s FrontPage, EasyBasket provides the most flexible means of leveraging your pre-existing Web pages!

Who might consider using EasyBasket?

Those who have a basic understanding or are willing to learn simple HTML page design. This is a simple task with Internet page designers like FrontPage.
Those who already have a pre-existing site and simply want to provide a controlled method for their customers to make purchases via the Internet.
Those who want the most flexibility in designing the format of their pages and like being creative.
Internet Service Providers or Business Consultants who wish to enhance their services to their clients.
Anyone who wants an easy to implement, customizable, order entry & secure payment system for electronic commerce storefronts. 
Anyone who wants to compliment their online catalogs for retail sales, manufacturer fulfillment, business to business ordering, and interoffice requisitioning

How flexible is EasyBasket in configuring to my business process?

Here's a brief list of some of the customizable features you get with EasyBasket...


The ability to track each product by store, department and a 50 character item code.
Ability to use a single "qty" per product page or a spread of qty fields for products (such as apparel) which commonly deal with a multitude of size scales.
Unlimited flexibility in collecting additional form fields which may be tied to a particular item on an invoice.
Custom control in collection and definition of state or regional sales tax.
Flexibility in custom designing the look of your final order shopping cart (company logo, URL links etc...).
Ability to add additional "input" fields to the final order page. These fields could be used to collect additional information about the order which may be required by your business.
Flexible payment collection schemes. Whether you accept credit cards, checks, wire transfers etc., you have the ability to define any payment scheme along with any fields necessary to collect information relative to that scheme.
Very flexible freight calculations. Freight charges can be calculated as a flat price or percentage of order amount based off of a range of either "total order amount" or "total order weight".
Ability to email a sales notification to the merchant. (coming soon: faxing !)
Ability to customize the Invoice/Receipt automatically emailed to the shopper.

Visit our "What's New" page for additional details on recent enhancements.

What does this really cost?

Signing up is free! We don't even ask you for a credit card. We only charge 1.00 (one dollar) for each order which is processed through our secure server. "Processed" means, someone actually entered in information on your secure order form and submitted it to you. We even give you the first 50 processed orders free! This is because we realize it takes time and a few attempts for you to test out your new Virtual Electronic Order Form. We will bill you via email each month for only the orders submitted to you via our secure servers. If you don't make money, we don't make money...

What can my product pages look like?
What does the Shopping Basket Order Form Look Like?

Go ahead and try out some of the product order forms below. They were whipped up in a matter of minutes with FrontPage98. Try them out as any Internet Shopper would and hit the Submit Button to see what the final order page looks like.

Intel Pentium 133 Motherboard #1002

Works some of the time under Windows 95
Most of the time under Windows 3.1
All of the time under DOS

Special time offer: 325.99

Qty to Order:
Processor Speed:

Here's one for those in the Apparel Industry. Similar to the example at the top of this page, this order form splits the qty into different sizes. This can be useful for the manufacturer who may want to afford more flexibility in ordering multiple sizes for the same style.

Wind Breakers 42.99
Tommy Hilfiger
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Small Medium Large X-Large
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