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In the context of the AffiliateShop, an affiliate is someone who places a link from his website to yours. You would most often pay him(your affiliate) on a pay-per-click, pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale basis. This serves as an incentive for him and, ultimately, other people to link to your website. 

Example, you place a notice on your website informing web-surfers that you would pay them $0.05 per click (for a pay-per-click affiliate tracking model) for any visitors that click on the link through their website. Hence, those who sign up with you (called affiliates) agrees to place the link with your company's URL on their website. You would in turn pay each of them(the affiliates) $0.05 per click for anyone who clicks on the links which they had voluntarily place on their websites. 

Why must I have an affiliate program?
Traffic - The very thing that every web sites craves for. Its not just enough to have your own web site that offers the best in services or products. You need people to know that its there. You want people to go to your web site. In a nutshell, you need traffic. 

One of the best way to drive traffic to your web site is setting up your own affiliate program. Now, with AffiliateShop, you can have your own affiliate program running in no time!

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ANACOM Merchant Services

Did you know that EasyBasket offers "Real Time Credit Card Verification and Deposit" into an established merchant bank account. Through a customized integration with ANACOM Merchant Services, EasyBasket merchants can have their credit card sales validated and deposited into an existing US merchant account. ANACOM Merchant Services provides secure communications to your processor who, in turn, approves or denies a shoppers credit card and (if approved) handles the direct deposit into your bank. This is a special offering of EasyBasket and additional service fees to ANACOM apply. Don't have a merchant account? That's ok... ANACOM's WebCharge Merchant Services can assist U.S. based companies in establishing credit card merchant accounts so they may accept credit card payments for their goods and services. These merchant accounts can be used for any selling environment, including Internet sales.

Click HERE to find out about ANACOM's rates and sign up for their "WebCharge - Automated Secure Payment Processing" which works with EasyBasket.

Once your assigned an ANACOM Merchant Account Code, simply enter it in the "Credit Card Configuration Section" located in your EasyBasket Merchant Configuration Area.



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